Homeowner Articles

Why Use a Realtor

Maybe you’re buying a home for the first time. Or maybe you’re selling your old home to move up to something new. Whatever the reason, the buying and selling of a home is a big event. It’s an intricate process involving many specialists. One of these specialists is a REALTORĀ®, whose job it is to make the transfer of property as easy as possible.

Buying a Home

Finding the perfect home doesn’t happen in one day. There are a number of things you can do to simplify the process, including defining financial parameters, potential neighbourhoods and the desired features in your next home.

Homeowner Insurance

What is insurance and why do I need it?
Insurance has many forms and functions, but really just one purpose – to provide peace-of-mind. In some cases, insurance is mandatory – to obtain a mortgage, for example

Moving Checklist

If you are currently renting, read your rental agreement to confirm how far in advance you must give notice that you are moving out. 30- 60 days written notice is common. Provide your landlord with notice accordingly.

Prepare a File to Keep Receipts of Moving Expenses for possible Reimbursements or Tax Deductions. Talk to your accountant on this matter for whether or not these deductions apply to you.

Market Timing

The real estate market is in constant flux, not only as a whole but in particular areas as well. Knowing what is going on in the overall and local real estate markets will help you understand how these conditions can affect the sale of your home. We’ve designed the following chart to help give you an overview of the three significant market positions. When you meet with your agent, ask about the current state of the market.